Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Unknown Puddle

Open water.  The night sky.  The bottom of a dark well.  Tomorrow.

All of those have something in common.  You don't know what's there.

This makes each of these things intriguing, exciting, intimidating, and kind of scary.

What about the puddles you know nothing about?  You don't know how deep it is.  You don't know what kind of splash you will make.   You don't know if it will be fun or just a big muddy mess.

That's kind of how college life is like.  You have no idea what tomorrow is going to be like.  Let alone tomorrow, you have no idea what your life will be like.  It can be so exciting.  It can also be terrifying.

I have a friend who is about to take the GRE's.  This singular test pretty much determines if she will get into graduate school.  She has tomorrow waiting with a lot of outcomes... a lot of different splashes that could happen.

How do you prepare for such an unknown splash?  Do you wear extra socks?  Do you practice running up to the puddle?  Or do you just go for it with all that you have?

I think it's a combination of all three.

Wear extra socks.  In case the splash is too great, you have some security.  Have backup plans.

Practice running up to the puddle.  Don't encounter any surprises.  Be as prepared as you can be.

Go for it with all that you got.  Don't hold anything back.  Take a giant leap and make a splash.

While you don't know how a splash may turn out, and while it might not be the splash you were expecting... you never know what your splash may do.  How exciting is that?

So for every person fearing tomorrow, the couple of years after college, the rest of your life, or even the GREs, go for it!  Jump as big as you can... knowing that you have prepared as much as you possibly could.

And know that even if you fall on your ass, get your feet soaked, or miss the puddle altogether, you still have people all around you to pick up, dry you off, and get you ready for your next splash.

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  1. I am also freaking out about GREs and I don't take them until August/September...