Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Joy of Cooking?

This morning some buddies from high school came over and we made pancakes.

It was more of an attempt on my part.  You see... I'm not the best at cooking.  In fact that is way to kind; I am horrible at cooking!  It cooking endeavors usually end in the fire alarm going off, melting a pan of some sort, and a phone call to my Mom.

After I couldn't find any pancake batter mix in my house I found a recipe online.  Everything was going great.  We had all of the ingredients in my kitchen and I started to mix them as the recipe instructed.

Then disaster struck.

As I was attempting to pour flour into a cup measurer over my sink, all of the flour fell out of the bag.  There was flour everywhere.  I had to scrape flour off of all of the dirty dishes, off of the counter, off of the floor, and off of myself.

Fortunately my friend finished making the pancakes for me and they ended up being delicious.

Cooking is not a pretty puddle for me.  I make a splash, but it always turns into a big mess rather than a beautiful cascade of water.

I think its good that I figure this out about myself.  I can either learn how to have sense in a kitchen, or avoid them like the plague.

There are always puddles that are too big to jump into.  You aren't ready for every puddle.

Cooking is my big puddle.  It just isn't a good idea for me to go jumping in expecting fun and beauty.

Cooking gets my socks wet.  I just need to make sure I have a dry pair, or a pretty powerful hair dryer to deal with the aftermath.

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