Friday, November 5, 2010

Creating a Splash

As soon as I wake up each morning I go through my plan for the day.  I have my schedule planned out before I'm even out of bed.  The route for my day is set.

Halfway through my day I encountered a puddle that I was not expecting.  I had forgotten to pick up my outfit for a performance that I'm in tonight.  This meant that I ate lunch on the go and had to reroute my afternoon.  This puddle was deep, cold, and kind of muddy.  

At first I was really annoyed with this puddle.  I so wanted to walk around it, but it was too big to avoid.  I was begrudgingly making a pitiful splash.  It turned out that my roommate (and friend) also had to pick up his outfit, so we walked together.  

Instead of focusing on the negatives of this walk (like the cold wind or the long walk) I started talking with my roommate.  We started to talk about life after we graduate.  We discussed dreams, aspirations, fears, and thoughts that we both had for ourselves.  

I ended up forgetting that I was even dealing with a puddle.  I enjoyed our conversation so much that I realized I was unknowingly living in the moment.  I was walking through a pretty sweet splash!  

Simply by focusing on good company, camaraderie, and encouraging conversation I was able to turn a murky, miserable puddle into a clear pool that produced a day-brightening splash.

So my route had a puddle in the middle of it, but it turned out to be a needed detour.  I guess that the kind of splash isn't determined by the puddle, but by how you jump into it. 

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