Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Running Start

"How are you doing?"

This is a question that you get asked every day at least once.  Today I found myself responding, "tired." to every single person who asked me.

Throughout my entire day I was just kind of walking through.  I fell asleep in class, looked at the ground when I was walking outside, and avoided really making a splash anywhere.

I was kind of slopping from puddle to puddle.  I was stepping over puddles that I could avoid and dragging my feet through the ones that were impassible: like classes or rehearsals.

There was no great jump into any of my puddles.  If I look at my day as one giant puddle, there was no grand entry that would produce any kind of a splash.  Instead I muddled through creating a lame kind of slosh.

Is there some preparation needed to truly make a jump into a puddle?  Do you need to be prepared to make an impact on your day?

The answer is yes.

I was tired, groggy, and cranky.  I missed out on learning new things in my classes.  I missed out on actually seeing the world around me.

Before I get ready to start my day I need to make sure that I have taken care of myself.  Sleep, which is such a simple and easily attainable thing, is something that I need to give to myself, so that I can enjoy all of my splashes the next day.

If you want to run a marathon you stretch out before.  If you want to sing an aria you warm-up your voice.  If you want to make a splash you leap into the puddle.

The beauty of the outcome relies on your preparation.

If you want to enjoy your day, and live in the moment... then you need to be physically and mentally ready to take a running start.

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