Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is It Still Beautiful?

Today I performed in a choir concert.

I love singing; it's probably my favorite thing to do in the entire world.  A choir concert to me is like a giant puddle and the performance is such a gorgeous splash.

A part of me was upset at this concert because my family could not come and watch me perform.  They live farther away from me now that I'm at college, and it's hard to have them miss out on my performances... my splashes.

When you are a little kid and you discover a new trick that you can do (like doing a cartwheel)... you want to show everyone you know.  You want them to experience the same joy and admiration that you feel.

I felt like a little kid.  I wanted the people that I loved most to see my beautiful splash.  I wanted them to experience my music.... to feel that joy and admiration just as I do.

Then I had a thought: "If you splash in a puddle and no one sees it, the splash can still be beautiful."  You can experience it's beauty.

In my performance I saw the beauty of my splash.  What made it even cooler was the fact that my choir (which is about 40 people) made one giant collective splash.  It was big, unique, and we all influenced the final, collective, incredible outcome.

While I am still upset that my family could not be there (and I know they were too... especially my Mom!) I still made a splash!  Standing on that stage, I helped to make something beautiful!

I guess it goes down to the age old question of: "If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

If I jump in a puddle and make a beautiful splash, and no one sees it... is it not beautiful?

Of course the tree made a sound... thats vibrations, science, and a whole lot of technical terms that I do not know!

And of course the splash is still beautiful!  I experienced the thrill of the splash and the thrill of bathing in that cool water... that beautiful music.

I jumped for myself.  I jumped to experience joy in singing.  I lived up on that stage.  The jump was for the thrill for the thrill of the performance.  That makes the splash even more beautiful.

I jumped to relish in the splash.

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