Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Puddle Dilemma

You just woke up on a chilly November morning to the soft patter of rain at your window.

After a fast shower and downing a cup of coffee you are out the door to meet your day.

Holding your umbrella you encounter the first big puddle.  Here is the first dilemma of your day: around it or through it?

In life we encounter puddles every day of our lives.  Do I talk to the stranger I'm sitting next to on the bus? Should I ask her to be my girlfriend?  Do I give the homeless man my change?  Should I start going to the gym?  What should I do with the rest of my life?  What makes me happy?

Just as you approach a rain puddle you also approach these real-life puddles.  Do you avoid your real-life puddles?  Or do you jump in, risk getting your socks wet and make a giant splash?

As a child meets a rain puddle they instinctively take a giant leap and make a huge splash.  In the same way as a child meets a dilemma they usually jump right in.  Children do not think about getting their socks wet or where they have to be with dry feet.  They live in the moment and enjoy the splash.

Just as a child instinctively relishes in the splash of every puddle they encounter, I also want to have that joy in every day of my life.  How many puddles have I walked around?  How many beautiful splashes have I missed?  Doesn't the joy of living in the present outweigh damp socks?

But this morning, as I got to that puddle I walked around it.  I had class all day and I couldn't go around with wet socks.

Well here I go.  This is an account of my struggles with life's puddles.  The past is behind me and I am officially jumping into a new puddle: blogging.  Let's hope I see a beautiful splash.


  1. I definitely see a beautiful splash here! This blog will most likely become infectious! I like that you can pass on this philosophy of living to all of your future students!

  2. You are an absolute inspiration. I can't wait to continue to follow your journey through the world of blogging and to see you really blossom as a person through this. The world is lucky to have you be a part of it and share your experiences. I love you!