Friday, November 5, 2010

The Splash Zone

Sea World.  Hershey Park.  Community pools.  All of these places have splash zones: a zoned off area where you'll know you'll get wet.

Kids run to them, expecting a thrill of cold water splashed on them. Adults either avoid them like the plague or begrudgingly sit in them (watching their kids) with a poncho on.

What if you didn't know where a splash zone was?  What if you could randomly get splashed as you're going through your day to day?

This happened to me tonight.  

Some friends and I were craving a late night snack, so like any stereotypical group of college kids, we went to Taco Bell.  

After enjoying my delicious soft-shell taco, I was listening to my friend tell a story.  He was really into its delivery and was incorporating hand and eventually entire arm movements.  Without realizing it, he knocked over his cup of ice water, onto my pants.  

I literally experienced the repercussions of someone else's splash.  I was in the splash zone.

This got me thinking, who gets hit by the puddles that I splash in?  While he had no intention of getting me soaked and freezing, I experienced the result of my friend's spontaneity.  Do I unknowingly splash others when I am living in the moment?

This makes me think twice about jumping into puddles.  

In the end, we had a funny story to tell.  We had a good laugh.  And I had a cold walk home.  

I guess we never know how our splashes will affect others.  It could get them wet, uncomfortable, and even angry.  It could also be a well needed splash of humor, a good story, or even a wake up call. 

 I guess it is good to make sure you splash appropriately.  Just as you shouldn't jump in a puddle right next to someone, you shouldn't act spontaneously at another's expense.   Living in the moment, jumping in a puddle, can have negative repercussions.  You have to make sure that you think of how your actions can negatively impact others.  Give them a splash zone.  But if you don't know they are close enough to get wet... it just may be the splash that they need.

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  1. A very nice warning here! Sometimes our zeal splashes others inappropriately! I hear ya.