Sunday, November 14, 2010

It Smells Like Snow

Every fall - when it gets cold - there comes a night when you smell snow.

There is a crisp feeling in the air.  Your nose wrinkles with the first bits of freezing air crawling into them.  You pull your jacket around you tight and you start craving hot chocolate.

Then you breathe in a scent: you smell snow.

There is no clear way to describe the smell of snow.  It smells like Christmas, pine trees, warm mittens, cookies, hot cider, and so much more all combined.

 It is a smell of the anticipation of a renewal.  A blanket of white will soon fall allowing you to feel even more snug under your covers.  There's something about snow...

For me it means feeling like a kid again.  The world around you completely changes and allows a kind of ulterior world for you to discover for the first time.

The anticipation of the first snow... of a brand new season... of Christmas morning...   The anticipation helps make the actual destination - the splash - even more impacting.

The first snow of the winter is like a frosty, freezing, and refreshing puddle.  It's not directly in front of you... but when November hits you can see it down the path.

The run to this puddle is so full of anticipation that the splash - the first snow - is the greatest one of all.

So tonight started the sprint to the first snow.  And I'm going to love every step.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog when I was looking at people who subscribed to Dr. H's blog and you were one of the bloggers who showed up! I think we have a decent amount in common, and I've really enjoyed reading your blog entries!

    The smell of snow reminds me of making cookies with my family - and spending quality time with them too.

    take a look at mine if you have a chance!